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President and publisher: Emmanuelle Collas

Foreign Rights: Romaric Vinet-Kammerer
Representative: L'Autre agence

Publishing philosophy

Emmanuelle Collas set up Galaade in 2005. Up to now, more than 140 books have been published (15 books a year) in fiction and non-fiction, literary fiction and upmarket comercial fiction. In translation, Galaade keeps on broadening and enriching a catalogue that finds a place that is complementary to other French literary publishers.

Galaade is the French publisher of the American psychotherapist Irvin Yalom: the world-acclaimed author of works of fiction like Love’s Executioner or the bestselling novels When Nietzsche Wept, The Spinoza Problem, winner of the Livre de Poche Readers Prize in 2014, and Creatures of a day. His diversity naturally finds its place in Galaade’s catalogue.

Galaade is also the publisher of authors such as Angel Wagenstein (Bulgaria), Igor Štiks (Croatia), Arnošt Lustig (Czech Republic), Szilárd Rubin (Hungary), Sunny Singh (India), Avirama Golan or Yoel Hoffmann (Israel), Alberto Ruy-Sánchez (Mexico), Uzma Aslam Khan (Pakistan), Kristien Hemmerechts (Flanders), Raja Shehadeh (Palestine), Javier Calvo or Juan Bonilla (Spain), Hakan Günday, winner of the Prix Médicis 2015 for the foreign novel (Turkey), Helen Oyeyemi (UK), Michelle de Kretser (Australia), Lynn Cullen, Ursula Hegi, Greil Marcus or Gore Vidal (USA).

The catalogue is oriented towards an open world. It includes the West with France, Europe, America and it emphasizes the Mediterranean. Its authors are from more than 35 different geographical areas and write in more than 15 different languages.

Simultaneously, Galaade follows the literary work of new French voices: Philippe Di Folco, Albena Dimitrova, Sabine Huynh, François Koltès, Madeleine Monette, Pierre Puchot, Éric Sadin, Sylvie Taussig or Frédéric Teillard.

Moreover, Galaade is involved in the currents affairs with acute and audacious essays by great contemporary figures such as Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappé, Edward Said, Dubravka Ugrešić, Tariq Ali and Oliver Stone, or Édouard Glissant and Patrick Chamoiseau, whose open letter to Barack Obama was number one of the L’Express magazine best-seller list.

Identity, exile, borders, belonging: this is what Galaade’s catalogue is all about. All those topics are the publisher’s concerns and they certainly are convictions.

President and Publisher : Emmanuelle Collas

Emmanuelle Collas is a historian and a specialist in Greek and Roman Middle East. A professor of Greek History at the University of Mulhouse-Strasbourg, France, she has been working as an archaeologist in the Middle East for many years.
A background of a kind engraved in the publishing philosophy of Galaade since 2004.

« Daring, rejecting sterile partitioning, Galaade is the antidote to propaganda, following its course in fiction, poetry and non-fiction. » – Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace

« Emmanuelle Collas is looking for authors whose works she can support with unconditional commitment. » – Livres Hebdo

« Galaade is a resource at a crossroads, a powerhouse between literature and essay. » – La Croix

For all correspondence:
T: +33 1 42 23 56 02

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